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In every sector new trends emerge, while old trends are left behind or overhauled into something new to fit the inclusive context in that specific area of activity. Performance Management Solution in Pakistan is no exclusion in that sense. In 2016, the trends having the leading toll on performance management and its development were the innovations in IT, and the usage of different performance management-related tools, along with Big Data.

The 2017 buzzwords have somewhat transformed as compared to last year, the emphasis being on reorganizing and reinventing the whole system. In 2017, Performance Management Solution trends revolve around the cloud, Big Data, modern planning practices or restructure of performance management systems. Some Performance Management trends are discussed below.

Increase in cloud computing:

Performance Management is estimated to register principal growth in the usage of cloud computing, with adoption rates going up from 12% to 22%, the core reason for switching to the cloud being speed and agility. Decision makers want their business to run swiftly and efficiently. They want to stop focusing on running the substructure, and focus more on the core business and its growth.

Mobile technology as a strategic tool:

With the development of the telecom and increase in the availability of smartphones, mobile technology represents, currently, an efficient information delivery tool that can reach anyone, anywhere, without any time. And it does not stop here, as what started as an information-delivery tool has currently turned into an extensive one, comprising workflow and approvals for core processes such as planning or financial close. The great advantage of acceptance mobile technology is related to the fact that it brings growth opportunities and also a competitive advantage.

Putting numbers in context:

Numbers in business reports should be accompanied by qualitative and meaningful commentaries so that viewers could fully understand the numbers that are being reported. Decision makers find it critical to have increased qualitative commentary accompanying numbers.

Perspectives and trends modification along with the overall contexts in which they emerge. Big Data and analytics, cloud computing and mobile technology, empowering both managers and employees in making decisions, reorganizing the performance system, these are all aspects that present interest nowadays in the field of performance management. PeopleQlik’s Cloud HR Software in Pakistan is a key factor in organizations development.

Performance Management Software in Pakistan expands productivity of your organization and empowers you to compose the performance of your workforce.

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