Why we need HR Software for Seamless Business Processing in Pakistan?

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Successful organizations choose competent employees, who are diligent, hardworking and honest. Half of success of your organization depends on capable employees, half depends on planning, management and resource handling. Once done with the team by picking exceptional and talented people then running business is not a burden. Picking a right person for right job is not a child’s play. HR managers and other recruiters involved in applicant management try their best to pick best. But it takes a lot of

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Cost
  • Human resources

Recruitment Management is one of the difficult tasks out of all the HR responsibilities. Because it takes much time and struggle to filter a person or two from a huge pile. Human have such intelligent minds that computer systems cannot replace, doing a task recursively, make them bored resulting in chances of errors and omissions.

Computer software application are programmed and tested in such a manner that there is rarely a chance of error. Top ten reasons to choose automated Recruitment Management Software in Pakistan are:

  1. Reducing cost

Hiring an applicant cost around 1.5 month’s salary of employee. Hiring an employee include advertising cost, HR manager time-cost, technical person interviewing applicant’s time-cost.

  1. Reducing HR managers burden

Filtering resume based on expertise and experience, calling out applicants, taking interviews, analyzing personality and taking record of these test and results calculation and hiring with some formal paper work is a huge burden to manage.

  1. Managing massive resume upload

Sorting applicant’s resume and applications keeping in view required skills is a hectic task. Consider a position opening and people applying from different campuses, organizations and cities and some just applied even if they have not desired skills but just have a knowhow and they mention it on resume. Human alone cannot filter reading one by one, as it takes time and is a weight on HR part.

  1. Maintain queue for applicants

Hiring employee is needed all the time. To start from scratch like figuring out job responsibilities, advertising, calling, interview take time and budget. Applicants with good performance in interview can be called later if not selected

  1. Succession planning

Pre-existing employees waiting for promotion or interested in newly posted job can be managed by succession planning

  1. Pure screening

All the data is stored in system, so there will be no chance of biased behavior from your organization

  1. Efficiently capturing applicant data

Optimized databases and efficient computing helps in capturing and processing data in minutes rather than weeks

  1. Offer letters generation

Offer letters can be generated easily along with payroll working hours, leaves allowed all mentioned and can be further processed if hired.

  1. Managing and testing different skill aspects

Events happened in recruitment and their results can be recorded and used to compare applicants on many basis.

  • Picking best and competent candidate

Finally all these screening, succession planning, HR analysis done by automated software leads to picking best candidate

PeopleQlik’s Recruitment Management Software in Pakistan helps your organization in picking the best candidate as it possess all the above mentioned qualities along with time and Attendance Management Software in Pakistan and payroll module.

So, PeopleQlik’s Cloud HR Software in Pakistan made easy the hiring and employee management process.

Request for Demo:

Mobile#:  +923333331225

Email: sales@bilytica.com

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